This is a stylish vacuum cleaner having the standards of Philips built into every part of it. It is high on design, quality, performance and satisfaction. It will do the job given to it without making a lot of fuss about it. It’s low on price which makes a very attractive proposition.

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Table of Contents

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  • Performance
  • Conclusion
  • Planning to buy this model?


This 2 in 1 cleaner can be held either as a hand held cleaner appliance or a stick vacuum cleaner thereby increasing functionality tremendously. It also has 2 on/off switch, one on the handle and another on the device.

It is lightweight so cleaning with it for long duration of time is not tiring. The build quality is top notch rivalling more expensive cleaners available in the market. It has a 3 step filtration system which does an excellent job of catching all the dust. It has been specifically designed to catch particulate matter.


It’s motor along with being powerful also has suction control mechanism in it so you can regulate the flow depending upon the type of cleaning you are doing thereby saving power and stopping the device from heating up.

It works best on floors, not surfaces like window panes etc. It has the feature of shutting down the motor when it gets overheated so as to prevent any heat related damage. The dust bag has to emptied out frequently as it gets filled up due to it’s small size, and if not done the dust bag gets clogged resulting in the device automatically shutting down after every 5 minute of usage(due to overheating ).

It is also loud so prolonged usage might be irritating for some users.


This vacuum cleaner proves it’s mettle across all the parameters. It does a commendable job of cleaning the dirt and it does it with flair. It does have some weak points but manages to overcome them and really tilt the scale in it’s favour which we are happy it does.

Planning to buy this model?

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